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Hi there! I am Juste, photographer and stylist, living in my world of cosy dreams. This is the place to share my ideas, works and inspirations with You.
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Brown Head Girl

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5 Responses to “Brown Head Girl”

  1. How beautiful is she? I love the light you shot in. So gorgeous. : )

  2. juste says:

    Yes, she is marvelous!:) Evening is my favorite time for shooting, when the light is so inspiring!

  3. classiq says:

    These photos are superbe!

  4. LatteLisa says:

    Thank you Juste for your sweet comment on my blog.

    Your photos are really beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend ;-)

  5. pH_art_in says:

    Ow, my eyes hurt, so beautiful :D The girl is absolutely fabulous, the light is lovely and Vilnius’ Old Town in the background is just icing on a cake ;) On the other hand, it seems this brown eyed girl could light up even the dullest background :))))

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